What are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

red light therapy boca raton The benefits of LED Red Light Therapy, or PhotoBioModulation (PBM) are so numerous, it's quite worthwhile to take a moment to discover this exciting modality. Light therapy was first recorded by the Egyptians as solar therapy and was practiced by several ancient civilizations for it's healing properties. Like plants, the body needs light to be healthy. Plants absorb sunlight and convert it into complex molecules in a process called photosynthesis. Current clinical studies find that varying wavelengths affect our bodies at the cellular level much like plants use light and many conditions can be successfully treated using specific light-based applications.

 What is Red Light Therapy? 

All light falls into a spectrum of wavelengths. Red Light Therapy falls within the range of 630-850 nanometers (nm) and is considered extremely therapeutic. This particular wavelength is referred to as the "Therapeutic Window" having a bioactive, or biological effect on our bodies comparable to the way that antibiotics and vitamins affect the function of our cells. Red light emits 620-700 nanometers (nm) which are wavelengths that have wonderful health benefits, but the real powerhouse of positive effects come from wavelengths between 630-680 nanometers (nm). The visible red light within this range deeply penetrates the skin and can both rejuvenate and heal a broad range of health conditions.

 Red light is actually a part of sunlight and is responsible for that sense of well-being and good feelings we experience when we're at the beach, on an outdoor walk or enjoying any activities on a beautiful day. LED Red Light Therapy is the science of utilizing red and infrared light wavelengths to aid in the treatment of undesirable aches, pains and conditions and to encourage a healthier well-being. 

 LED Red Light is also a form of low level laser therapy that is non-ionized radiation. Ionized radiation can cause cellular mutations over time like the rays of the sun that can cumulatively cause skin damage. Non-ionized radiation, like that from LED Red Light Therapy, is non-toxic, non-invasive and has zero harmful side effects. It is a highly therapeutic, ultra gentle form of treatment.

The list of benefits of Red Light Therapy include a clinically proven increase in the diameter of blood vessels which in turn improves circulation. LED Red Light Therapy protects red blood cells from damaging oxidative stress, it expedites healing and it decreases platelet loss from surgical procedures and injuries. Recovery time is reduced because Mitochondria within the cells are particularly responsive to LED Red Light Therapy which in turn stimulates stem cells that greatly aid in cell recovery.

  This is great news for high- performance athletes or anyone who trains rigorously. Muscles are fatigued and often undergo fibrous tears following work outs resulting in multi-levels of muscle cell injury. Since muscle cells are particularly rich in Mitochondria which respond rapidly to LED light therapy, healing time is significantly increased. Additionally, LED Red Light Therapy reduces overall inflammation in the body by decreasing inflammatory markers. This results in easing the symptoms that are associated with bursitis, tendonitis, and auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Pain from joint stiffness, muscle soreness, inflammation and muscle spasms are also decreased while blood flow is increased with repeated exposure to near-infrared light. Recent clinical studies now reveal exciting advancements in healing with traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries with near-infrared light therapy. Included in these studies [specifically pertaining to spinal cord injury], neuropathic pain was dramatically reduced by the application of Red Light treatment. 

   Significant benefits of LED Red Light Therapy come from the incredible effect it has on every cell in the body. Think of it as a breath of fresh air to polluted cells by increasing oxygen levels. It actually optimizes the way that your cells convert oxygen into fuel, a process called ATP. Without ATP, cells produce 2 ATP. Oxygenated cells make 28 ATP, giving the body more energy for physical workouts, recreation and active lifestyle. A big bonus is the significant increase in the stimulation of collagen production. This is considered a most critical outcome of LED Red Light Therapy because collagen strengthens connective tissue which exists in all of our organs including the heart, brain, blood vessels and all other cells throughout the body. 

 LED Red Light Therapy can, in fact, dramatically transform skin. Sought after for it's aesthetic enhancements, it's effect of extra collagen production in the skin provides huge anti-aging benefits by contributing firmness and elasticity. Mitochondrial chromophores within the skin generate the production of collagen proteins. With accelerated healing and wound repair, improvement in hypertrophic scars, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles along with improved skin texture are prized outcomes of Red Light wavelengths. These holistic and enduring benefits are providing essential tools to aesthetic professionals who want to offer more to clients seeking safe, alternative ways to look younger and healthier.

   Another development in the aesthetic industry is the use of  LED Red Light Therapy for healthier, fuller hair. Red light wavelengths are found to stimulate epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle. This action shifts hair growth into the anagen, or active hair growth stage. Studies show improvement in alopecia, a common disorder affecting 50% of men over the age of 40 and 75% of females over the age of 65. 

 There's good news for male health as well. Male testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease past the age of 30. Red and near-infrared wavelengths can stimulate photoreceptor proteins in the testes resulting in higher testosterone production. Other studies have also theorized that this low-level light can affect a part of the brain which bears impact on reproduction. This helps men with their sex drives, fertility and performance when exposed to LED Red Light Therapy.

   Red Light Therapy has been clinically proven to improve sleep. Case studies show that people who use LED Red Light Therapy achieve deeper sleep and feel less tired after rest. People not only feel better after quality sleep, LED Red Light creates an uplift in mood by increasing serotonin in the brain. Many of our clients in Boca Raton remark that, after an LED Red Light session, they can't remember feeling that good in a long time. 

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red light therapy boca raton

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