So many people these days are opting into enhancing their facial features through the multi billion dollar industry of facial cosmetic fillers. Botox, Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma are just a few of the most popular brand names in this trending, vast world of non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Not to say that plastic surgery does not lean in with cosmetic fillers as a post-op adjunct to define and perfect a skilled surgeon's final work. In fact, stunning results can be achieved under the hand of an experienced and talented practitioner as a finishing touch to a facelift, revealing an incredible and defining transformation. True, these procedures are extremely technique dependent, but more and more physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and nurse practitioners are honing in on advanced, sophisticated training courses that raise the bar every day for opportunities to turn back the clock and enhance faces to higher levels of perfection.


Historically, cosmetic enhancements such as Botox [to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles] was prized and bought into by the more mature generation, but these days people as young as teenagers are hypothesizing that if they start young, they may never show signs of aging. Although this young age group is quite the extreme market most recently investing in these treatments, the middle aged are certainly seeing all the benefits of dramatically winning the battle to unwanted sagging skin and wrinkles. 


How does one decide which product to use?

Here’s where an experienced, skilled and well trained licensed practitioner becomes your best avenue to those decisions. For the most part, major pharmaceutical companies pay their reps well to provide extensive training, both to the companies gain in terms of sales and safety and certainly to the consumer for taking the worry out of guessing which product to choose and for  which area of the face to treat. In a nutshell, a thorough consultation is your professional's best starting point to customizing your individual and specific result. 


A little insight on Cosmetic Fillers.

Cosmetic fillers these days are so sophisticated that each formula has a diversity of properties. There are products that are soft and subtle to create (for instance) a luscious plump to lips, there are those others that can actually replicate bone that are injected deep (actually almost at bone level) to increase density, build and contour cheeks as well as the jawline, and yet there are others that are intermediate in density to lift and fill, but remain firm like healthy fat tissue. Some products last long, up to several years and some assimilate out of the body quicker. And then there are the variables pertaining to a person’s specific body system, such as the levels of each person’s absorption, rejection and compatibility of the product. One person may hold a product months longer than another, according to that person’s biochemistry.


What exactly is Botox?

And let’s not forget neurotoxins such as the ever popular Botox and Dysport along with Zeomin which is rapidly gaining traction. Many people confuse the word Botox as the catch all phrase for any injectable. Neurotoxins are in a whole other category of cosmetic injectables. While fillers “fill” to give volume, neurotoxins affect neurotransmitters by stopping a muscle from contracting, thus stopping the crease (or wrinkle) from developing or continuing. The area treated with the neurotoxin does not become numb, but instead temporarily immobile. Fillers remain in the tissue for weeks, months or years, whereas neurotoxins assimilate out of the body through the circulatory system and ultimately through the urine within a few hours leaving a “stun” effect. 


All in all, it’s no wonder that one could be quite confused when it comes to being proactive in educating oneself in hopes of selecting which product to ask for. Although an educated consumer is always the best route, the ultimate decision for safety, comfort and aesthetic results should remain with the expertise of the well trained professional and be supplemented by an established, licensed facility to perform such services. All of these factors contribute to the overall optimum and safest results. 


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Christina Davies has been in the cosmetic industry for thirty years as a medical aesthetician, cosmetic laser technician and medical micropigmentation specialist in NY and Florida. She is the founder and owner of Impruv-U Health and Wellness Medspa in Boca Raton, FL.

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