Compression Therapy…Surprisingly Amazing!

Compression Therapy…Surprisingly Amazing!

I have always been health conscious and in pursuit of the latest and safest modalities to produce overall total body wellness. When I first heard about compression therapy I discovered there are surprisingly more benefits to the body as a whole than I ever imagined. We are all familiar with compression sleeves that people wear on their arms and legs, but did you know that there is now high tech compression therapy that takes this to a whole new level?


NormaTec ® compression therapy was invented by Dr. Laura Jacobs, a physician who also has a doctorate in engineering, in response to a desperate need for a new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat circulation-related disorders. Top pros, celebrities, athletes and individuals like Lebron James along with a number of NFL clubs use Normatec compression sleeves to recover faster and increase circulation. The benefits go far beyond sport, however. People are using them to reduce inflammation, soreness, swelling, and increase their range of motion and flexibility.


NormaTec Compression Therapy is a treatment that uses massage-like pulse patterns to boost recovery. Limbs are inserted into sleeves that are inflated to compress the muscles. As the compression pulses from the limb’s extremity towards the heart, it squeezes out pain-causing fluid & lactic acid. The limbs are then replenished with fresh blood, stimulating recovery, enabling shorter downtime and making it an ideal pre and post workout regimine. 


Throughout our lives, and especially as we age, our legs keep us mobile and our arms allow us to maintain functionality keeping us productive. Along with good lifetime grooming habits, keeping our arms and legs healthy, strong and functionable rewards us with the added benefit of a more youthful appearance. Who doesn’t want healthy, toned, fit arms and legs? This gives us far more reasons to give consideration to compression sleeve therapy as an ongoing wellness practice and even as an aesthetic enhancement.  And needless to say, the more mobile and active we can continue to be because of the capabilities found in healthy limbs, the more our entire body benefits as a whole from our youth to the extent of our lives. What we are learning is that we need to focus on limb health equally as much as heart, brain and organ health. 


Even for non-athletes, compression therapy increases circulation providing vital nourishment to muscles, tendons and ligaments keeping them from accumulating toxins, intramuscular waste and lack of oxygen. Aging in itself presents a slew of aches, pains, stiffness and circulation issues, but even young bodies (especially athletic ones) need care and attention to maintain and grow in a healthy way. And let’s not forget how many of us are required to sit or stand for long periods of time for work or school and all the problems that are associated with sedentary lifestyles. Compression Therapy offers a major advantage for people wishing to stay more consistently active and experience less discomfort and pain overall opening the door to a wider range of wellness. 


Lastly, the question many ask is, “How often should one use compression?” The best recommendation is to use compression both before and after workouts to both facilitate healthy blood flow that feeds the muscles during exercises and to move out impurities that build up afterwards. For those wishing to utilize the benefits of compression when one is not actively involved in sports or workouts, compression holds even more advantages when stagnation for lengthy periods of time requires regular stimulation to the circulatory system to avoid a vast array of cumulative problems and conditions. Sessions can be as short as 10 minutes and last as long as one hour. We usually recommend sessions of 30-45 minutes, 2-3 times a week, Keep in mind that compression can even be practiced safely on a daily basis if time and desire avails. 


So, get rid of those sore muscles, enhance those limbs and upgrade your wellness routine with NormaTec Compression Therapy!  Mention “Boca Living Magazine” when you call and get a free session! Call Impruv-U Health & Wellness Medspa, 561-757-5814.


 *Please note that before considering compression therapy you should always consult with your doctor first. They will guide you with a prepared plan specific for your body's needs and benefits for your optimum health and safety.


Christina Davies is the founder and owner of Impruv-U Health & Wellness Medspa,

100 Plaza Real South, Suite F, Boca Raton, 561-757-5814. She is an educator and writer of medical aesthetics, a former medspa owner and a licensed New York medical aesthetician for over 25 years. Additionally, she is a specialized medical micropigmentation artist and cosmetic laser technician.

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