Compression SleeveTherapy Aids in Immunity

Are you interested in important new technology to boost your immunity?


Our lymphatic system is so undervalued and misunderstood. It is an essential and fundamental part of our immune system consisting of a complex network of organs and tissues that facilitate the body to rid itself of toxins and waste. Did you know that if our lymphatic system stopped working we could die within 24-48 hours? 


Understanding the lymphatic system is extremely important and when it becomes overwhelmed it not only causes bloating, it leads to cellulite as well. Our lymph system literally drains all of the waste produced by every cell in the body. It’s like a sewer, and similar to a toilet that can get backed up and clogged leading to dangerous toxins that are not able to be eliminated. Absorption of unflushed toxins and bacteria can lead to a slew of issues that in turn can produce many complications, including disease in the body.


Considered the “Disease Fighter”, our lymphatic system symbiotically fights viruses, bacteria and any unwanted material that enters into the body. The presence of swollen glands is an indicator that the lymphatic system has been triggered to ramp up and is actively hard at work. 


Key functions of the lymphatic system are to protect overall immunity, regulate inflammation and aid in absorption of essential dietary fats in the intestines. Fluids and exercise combined with supplementation such as Compression Sleeve Therapy facilitate the circulatory system to flush toxins and cleanse the liver. In fact, Compression Sleeve therapy can even significantly reduce cholesterol numbers in as quickly as one month when using compression two to three times a week. We have had a number of clients report great results on various biomarkers, such as Carolyn Early, a client here at the medspa, who said that she lost 30 points on her cholesterol in just one month after using Compression Therapy!


Compression Sleeve Therapy has been used in the athletic area for years, including the NBA and NFL as an ideal post-workout regime to keep muscles, ligaments and tendons healthy and reduce recovery time. The way in which these areas of the body benefit so greatly is by reducing toxic build up of lactic acid in the muscles and bringing fresh blood supply to the often neglected limbs and extremities of the body.


A session of Compression Therapy consists of inserting limbs into sleeves that inflate with air followed by regulated and continuous waves that actively push blood towards the heart and lungs for a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients whilst eliminating toxins through the liver and ultimately carried out through urine. This form of therapy is painless, relaxing and people remark that they feel wonderful after even one twenty minute session.


At Impruv-U medspa we offer Compression Sleeve Therapy sessions in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere with aromatherapy while reclined in zero gravity chairs to make your experience both luxurious and exceptional.


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