Advanced Facial Services

Advanced Facial Services in Boca Raton


How to find the best facial in Boca Raton?

1. The best facial is a custom facial. There are many different facial treatments to choose from.  Everyone's skin is different and a custom facial will provide the best teatment and the best serums for each individual.

2.  Find the best aesthetician.  This is a combination of the best training, great experience, dedication, skill and care.  In addition, find a medical aethetician who has been trained by plastic surgeons.  At Impruv-U you will receive a custom facial by Christina Davies, a leading medical aesthetician from New York.

What has made Christina so sought after is not only her vast, in-depth training along with her decades of experience, but also her gifted talents as an artist. As a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Graduate  from NY Institue of Technology and as a Professional Illustrator in her early twenties, Christina brings unique talents and skills to the Cosmetic Enhancement Industry. 

When you truly want the best when it comes to your complexion to Improve, Restore and Transform your Skin, look no further with whom to trust. 


Hydrafacial in Boca Raton

This highly popular treatment won its acclaim after decades of proven effective results that thoroughly deep cleans pores and smoothes the skin’s surface like nothing else.

A lot of people have come to me over the years saying that they’ve had typical spa facials that left them feeling as though they spent a lot of money and didn't quite get the results they were hoping for. They comment that facials they’ve had elsewhere lacked feeling as though their skin was deeply cleaned and in fact, felt layered with products after their service. Some claim they even break out after their facials. What they were hoping for was to feel a similar kind of effect as if you went to the dentist and had your teeth cleaned, which would be a deeper clean feeling than one cannot obtain at home. Sure, they probably had a nice experience with wonderful smelling products and wonderful massage techniques, but there is actually a way for a facial treatment to do much more.  

HydraFacial has become one of the most popular facial services from Boca raton to New York to California.  Many know that it cleans skin like nothing else they’ve ever tried and that everyone walks loves the visible results. Most importantly, people will comment that their skin actually feels as though it’s breathing afterwards. Well, there’s a reason for that. The combination of equipment and manual technique for this specific facial treatment can and does do more.The funny thing is, I’ll bet that many do not really know exactly what a HydraFacial is or exactly how it works. And still it’s asked for by name over and over again, year after year. I’m happy to demystify how it does it’s magic.

HydraFacial is a brand name for a unique facial cleansing machine that utilizes mild exfoliating alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids in a system that also uses suction to wash away loosened dead skin cells, makeup, superficial blackheads and facial debris. Alpha Hydroxy acid is another name for glycolic acid and Beta Hydroxy acid is another name for salicylic acid. Glycolic acid is attracted to water making it an excellent choice to address fine lines and wrinkles. Salicylic acid is attracted to oil (or sebum) making it ideal to address oily skin, blackheads and small pustules. The combination of both help lighten hyperpigmented spots and brighten a dull skin tone.

The HydraFacial system uses a special handpiece with changeable tips for the multiple processes of cleansing as well as for different skin types. When the tip of the handpiece is placed onto the skin, suction is activated drawing the specific solutions from the machine allowing for even dispersion along the surface. The mild acids begin a mild exfoliation process that loosens debris on the surface whilst penetrating deep, losing clogged pores. While the mild acids are being deposited, simultaneous suction from the machine is pulling and washing away the surface impurities.

HydraFacial also has liquid nutrient options within the system that are deposited after the cleansing process such as potent vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid. These finishing products deeply nourish freshly exfoliated skin that is prepped for high absorption. Equally, they strengthen, soften and hydrate the skin. In addition, the entire technique of the treatment stimulates collagen, increases circulation and provides lymphatic drainage. The results are deeply cleaned pores, super soft, ultra hydrated skin without the feeling of thick residue on the surface. When used routinely, results boast the appearance of fewer fine lines, improved texture, and stimulation of collagen. Pores appear smaller and most report less hyperpigmentation and a brighter complexion.

If you live in or near Boca Raton and haven't tried a HydraFacial yet, you don’t know what you're missing. We are happy to further explain the process and answer any questions you may have. As always, consultations are complimentary.


Advanced Facial Services



Dermaplaning is the perfect pre-treatment to the exceptional deep cleaning process of a Hydrafacial. Dermaplaning is a gentle mechanical exfoliation performed by our highly skilled and experienced licensed aestheticians using a special blade that carefully and completely dislodges and lifts accumulated dead skin cells along with surface build-up and any superficial facial hair. The skin’s surface is left velvety soft and smooth. When performed prior to a Hydrafacial or any mild chemical peel, dermaplaning allows for the absolute deepest pore cleaning achievable and staggering results of fresh feeling, dewey, smooth as silk skin!


Cryoskin Facial

The newest (and coolest!) technology available for incredible anti-aging results. This relaxing procedure involves a handpiece chilled to extremely cold temperatures that is glided continuously for about twenty minutes across the surface of freshly cleansed skin that is pre-lubricated with a special gel. The cold temperature immediately begins to stimulate collagen production, reduce puffiness with its outstanding anti-inflammatory properties, tighten skin deep below the surface and increase circulation to allow for more natural nourishment to dermal skin cells. Many see results after just one treatment, although best results are achieved in a series of five to six treatments scheduled one to two weeks apart. Much like the beneficial effects on muscles from repeated gym workouts, collagen that is highly stimulated repeatedly in a short series of treatments boost the most effective, tighter, more naturally youthful-looking results.


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Chemical Peels

We offer a wide variety of chemical peels to address all skin types and desired results. From mild to advanced, including lactic, glycolic, salicylic, enzyme and more advanced peels for more dramatic results, our team of licensed aestheticians will customize the right treatment for your needs. The benefit of exfoliation caused by peels is to gently enzymatically loosen and slough off surface debris and impurities that build up over time making skin appear dull, lifeless, tired and aged. By applying the peel solution, brighter, softer, more illuminated skin is replaced allowing pores to breathe, improve circulation and promote fresh new cellular growth. Before deciding which peel is right for you, we will carefully evaluate each person’s skin and listen to every detail to assure the best treatment plan. Chemical Peels can be added to a service or as a stand-alone service in itself.

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