Cryoskin Facials in Boca Raton


The newest (and coolest!) technology in Boca Raton available for incredible anti-aging results. This relaxing procedure involves a handpiece chilled to extremely cold temperatures that is glided continuously for about twenty minutes across the surface of freshly cleansed skin that is pre-lubricated with a special gel. The cold temperature immediately begins to stimulate collagen production, reduce puffiness with its outstanding anti-inflammatory properties, tighten skin deep below the surface and increase circulation to allow for more natural nourishment to dermal skin cells. Many see results after just one treatment, although best results are achieved in a series of five to six treatments scheduled one to two weeks apart. Much like the beneficial effects on muscles from repeated gym workouts, collagen that is highly stimulated repeatedly in a short series of treatments boost the most effective, tighter, more naturally youthful-looking results.


Treatable Areas

  • Face 
  • Neck