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Welcome to Impruv-U. I'm your host, Christina Davies. I'm a medical aesthetician, a medical micro-pigmentation specialist, and I'm the owner of Impruv-U medical spa in beautiful downtown Boca, Raton, Florida. This is my first show going live and I'm very excited about that. I'm also very grateful to everyone tuning in and listening today.

Thank you. So on today's show, I'm going to talk about myself, my background, my business, and what my podcast is about. I'll tell you what inspired me and what I'm hoping for in the ways that my show will divide. My show will present people in the industry with incredible stories about improving their lives and the lives of others, both in the aesthetic arena and off the beaten path.

Being in the aesthetic industry for over 30 years, I've been both inspired and moved by all the experiences with people who have deeply impacted my life. My podcast is about that journey and the future stories. I can't wait to experience as I continue to move along. In my life. I want to begin with telling you about my awesome colleague and medical director, Dr. Evelyn Marian Berg. Dr. Marianne Berg has over 34 years of experience in the medical field as a radiation oncology specialist. She's a graduate from Stony Brook, university of medicine, long island, New York, and an affiliate of north shore university hospital. Manhassett news. She's also affiliated with long island Jewish medical center in New York.

And she is dually licensed both in Florida and New York. Dr. Marian verb went on to transition her area of practice to the trending and ever-growing arena of anti-aging. She is an expert in hormonal therapy and equally in men's and women's sexual health. She is proficient in overall wellness and she likes to refer to the Serina of medicine as preventive and longevity health.

She has developed innovative ways to use the most currently available supplements and treatments to support immunity and build a aesthetic enhancements. I'm looking forward to having her on our next show, to tell us all about her exciting treatment plans with some very impressive results.

In addition to Dr. Marian Berg, we are also thrilled to boast our physician's assistant. Cynthia Hen. Cynthia will be performing our ever popular and much in demand, cosmetic facial injectables, such as Botox, restlin, Voluma radius, et cetera. Cynthia is a true artist when it comes to aesthetic enhancement, performing some of the most natural looking results that I've seen in all my years in the industry. She has a warm personality and is excellent at really listening to what patients are looking for. Additionally, she has many years of experience as an emergency room, PA contributing to her level of safety with each patient in her care. So for now, as I mentioned earlier, I thought I would share a bit about myself, my story.

As I've said earlier, I'm a medical aesthetician and I'm a medical micro-pigmentation specialist. And I'm the previous owner of the four skincare spas. They are in New York and presently as an owner of my fifth spa of Impruv-U health and wellness, med spa in Boca. We're located in the beautiful, gorgeous upscale world Palm place, shopping Plaza across the street from the famous wonderful Chops Lobster bar.

It seems to be a favorite in this city and well-known throughout the U S actually. But going back to the beginning, I will explain a little bit about, um, where this all began and what sparked my interest in migraine. So I've been artistic since I was a child, I was always drawing, creating. And even then I remember making my own greeting cards when I was about eight years old, which I actually sold to my mother's friends and they loved them in junior high school. Um, and high school. I was frequently the top of my class in art. And by the time I graduated college, I had the highest cumulative average in my department with my fine arts degree, as well as winning awards and being in the honor society and graduating as Summa coma.

I originally wanted to become an art teacher, but eventually ended up falling in love with the skincare and beauty industry. At first, I went the path of being a makeup artist. I loved how I could transform faces and make women look and feel beautiful. That led to my license as an aesthetician. When I was living on long island, I was proud to obtain a New York license.

A New York aesthetic license is very highly regarded, still, not only for the amount of hours to obtain it. It's actually higher than most of every state in the country. But because of the incredible training, I was fortunate enough to have where I started at the Wilson tech on long island. After I earned my aesthetics license, I was privileged to be hired by a well-known and gifted plastic surgeon on Long Island.

Dr. Felix. He told me when he hired me that he would train me in the medical aesthetics so thoroughly that I would be able to teach ascetics after even one year. And you know what? One year later I was asked by the school that trained me in aesthetics if I wanted a teaching position.  Although I declined, I was very honored, but I knew that I was destined to do more and to take my career in a higher level.

And I did, I assume, became interested in cosmetic lasers and purchase my first 10 64 anatomy NDA Glaser, and was again, privileged to be offered a job, working for an outstanding dermatologists with whom I continued to work for for about 17 years. Dr. Gary Hahn became a mentor for me, teaching me for years about dermatological and cosmetic conditions and having the opportunities to do cosmetic procedures and very advanced facial treatments for patients such as severe cases of acne and anti-aging procedures that included cosmetic lasers.

I am still so grateful to Dr. Han today for all that he taught. If you're listening. Dr. Hon, thank you. In a big way. Simultaneously, I had a private practice that started actually at home and eventually grew into four skincare spas on long island. All of this led to my most current med spa. Again, as I have mentioned, Impruv-U, here in Boca.

I'm extremely proud of Impruv-U med spa and my beautiful location that I completely renovated. To me it's the ideal space and I've transformed it into nothing short of, one of the most lavish upscale state-of-the-art facilities. Many are impressed with the beautiful aroma therapy, the tranquil spa music, the opulent chandelier's the TV monitors of aerial views from all around the world and the furnishings.

As soon as they walk in the door, this is what they experience. And I'm really happy about that. Here at the med spa, we have a spectacular IV drip therapy room, a medical exam room and treatment room and aesthetic. Uh, room for permanent fat loss, a red light therapy room, and a room for permanent makeup and medical.

Micro-pigmentation. So many people ask me what medical micro-pigmentation is. Well, in a nutshell, it is tattooing or pigmentation realistic images on the body that have suffered deformity or were removed either surgically or from accident or injury specifically. I do a great deal of work tattooing areolas and nipples for cancer and mastectomy patients who often come to me as their last part of their breast reconstruction.

This is a very rewarding area for me, because I am able to give women back the dignity as well as the beauty that they have been depressed. I'm also known for my very realistic life-like images, all reflecting on my skills and training and fine arts. As I mentioned earlier on the medical institution, performing every type of advanced facial treatments, such as micro-needling cryo skin, facial rejuvenation, cosmetic laser procedures, permanent makeup, microblading HydraFacial and dermaplaning only to name a few.

With our PA Cynthia and our physician, Dr. Marian Berg, we can also perform micro-needling with PRP and we can actually inject PRP right into the skin, similar to synthetic cosmetic fillers. We offer red light therapy as well. Um, that has many therapeutic benefits, including better sleep, improved college in, um, improved mood.

Um, increased healing and reduction of inflammation anywhere in the body for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and more. We also offer compression therapy, which helps detox the liver improve circulation and actually reduces cholesterol. But one of our most popular services is cryo skin slimming and toning, which kills fat cells.

We do this with cold temperatures, just above freezing to beautifully sculpt the body and reduce inches on the bottom. Unlike CoolSculpt, which actually freezes the skin, cryoslimming is a safe, painless, gradual approach to achieve results without the complications side effects and without the bruising and downtown.

Another thing we offer here in Boca Raton is IV drip therapy. We use high dose vitamins, such as vitamin C B-complex D and magnesium. We have zinc, glutathione and other very beneficial immunity, support nutrients. We even have the popular hangover, drip, oh, people love that, which immediately recovers people from their hangover.

Needless to say, I'm again, uh, proud of my med spa improve you. I am extremely proud of my new podcast and I really enjoy offering, um, the opportunity in our show to answer questions in the industry. We offer information and sharing some very moving stories with our clients, colleagues, and guests. Please remember to like share and follow us wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

And if you're looking to schedule an appointment, you can reach us at https://www.Impruv-U.com or call us at (561) 757-5814 for all your cosmetic needs. And again, this is Christina, and thank you for listening.

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