NormaTech Compression Sleeves

NormaTech Compression Sleeves in Boca Raton


Increased Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage 

This is achieved through the revolutionary high-tech compression massage

that significantly aids in recovery from your workout. This therapy, now available in Boca Raton, is both essential and ideal not only for athletes and active individuals in general but additionally for those simply seeking stronger, healthier bodies. 













Better Performance in All Sports and Activities 

Compression therapy helps to prevent painful lactic acid build-up, reduce existing lactic acid and decrease inflammation. Compression therapy also helps facilitate the body to effectively rid itself of accumulated toxins and make way for fresh, oxygenated blood that carries vital nutrients to all areas. 

Promotes Healing of Soft Tissue 

After just one thirty-minute or sixty-minute session, people comment that they feel better instantly, have less pain, and continue to feel even more of the benefits over the course of several days.


















State of the Art Compression Sleeves in Boca Raton

We use NormaTech compression sleeves which are designed to fit a multitude of arm and leg shapes and sizes. Once placed on the body they mold perfectly and provide consistent, accurate pressure mimicking the body’s own natural circulation. This is achieved through the built-in multiple compression zones that move blood towards the heart in continual pulsing waves for a highly effective, relaxing, comfortable experience.