CryoSkin- the Latest and Best Body Contouring Treatment from France 

What is the Best Body Contouring Treatment?


Body Contouring, Body Sculpting?  As founder and owner of Boca Raton's newest and most lavish, innovative Health and Wellness Medspa, my main objective was to provide a holistically based, preventative and ultimate relaxing treatment center. In going above and beyond with the design of my interior space and my state of the art equipment, selecting the optimal services to benefit my clients were among my highest priorities. Without a doubt, my most popular service is CryoSkin® commonly referred to as fat freezing. After researching all the trending methods of body contouring or body sculpting, myself and my team of experts selected the CryoSkin 4.0 device for its efficacy, safety, comfort and affordability to clients.  body contouring

    Fat freezing is a form of body contouring that works extremely well for those who have tried many ways to reduce fat in resistant areas such as the abdomen, thighs, upper arms and below the chin. It is also ideal for sagging skin after weight loss. It takes only a few treatments to gain optimum results and most see improvement after one treatment session. Significant results occur with subsequent treatments.

This was extremely important to me since many of my Boca Raton clients want to see true results without the wait. I wanted to offer a way to focus on the common aggravating problem that people were interested in addressing - stubborn fat that exercise and diet were not removing. Fat freezing, however, does not necessarily shed pounds on the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat, so shedding 25 percent of fat in a handful or more of tissue may not add up to much on the scale, but the protruding bulge in the belly will shrink. Most of my clients report their clothes fitting more loosely and dropping a size or two.

   So, the question my clients ask most is, "Is it permanent?" Results may be permanent fat reduction to the area treated so long as you maintain a balanced diet and lifestyle.  You may find maintenance sessions beneficial every six months or so.

   The next most popular question is, “How does this body contouring method work?”

   Fat cells are extremely vulnerable to cold. And fat is more temperature sensitive than skin - so sensitive that exposure to extreme temperatures will cause cellular destruction by producing crystals within the cell. Once crystalized, the fat cell can no longer return to its natural state and the cell will naturally die without causing pain or adverse side effects. This makes fat freezing more advantageous over invasive procedures such as liposuction or surgery in terms of safety, cost and down time.

   It should be noted that fat freezing is not an overall weight loss program, but specifically a targeted procedure that zeros in on selected areas. Call it a type of body sculpting or body contouring, fat freezing causes "apoptosis" or cell death only to the areas treated allowing for inches lost in before and after studies. The dying cells then go through a biological process, causing elimination through the liver and eventually passing through the kidneys to exit the body by way of urine.

   Is Cryoskin painful?   Unlike methods such as  CoolSculpting (R) which uses suction, Cryoskin is able to achieve similar results without the pain and discomfort of suction.  The sensation you will feel is  like havinf ice cubes on your skinn.

l A typical body contouring session of CryoSlimming session begins with a client lying down in one of our sumptuous, super comfortable, adjustable treatment beds in a quiet, private room equipped with ambient lighting, relaxing music and surrounded with  aromatherapy. The CryoSkin static heads (resembling hockey pucks) are then attached to a belt around the body to hold them in place. A special gel is applied to the static heads where it touches the skin to prevent freezing, or frostbite. Two small electrical stim pads are placed on the inner calves of the legs, producing a gentle tapping sensation facilitating the lymph system to ramp up. This encourages elimination of the fat cells soon to be destroyed. The CryoSkin machine is then programmed to start a two minute warming up process, causing fat cells to rise to the surface. For the next five minutes, temperatures in the static heads drop gradually to two degrees Celsius, which is just above freezing. Temperatures are then maintained for about thirty minutes, regulated by skin sensors, keeping the client safe and comfortable.

body contouring Boca Raton Many of my clients fall asleep during this very relaxing process. At the end of the thirty minute stage, the static heads revert to warming, bringing the body temperature back to its natural homeostasis. A gentle lymphatic massage to the treated area contributes to the stimulation of the lymphatic drainage in the final process. Shrinkage of fat cells, post treatment, leads to anything from ¼ inch to 4 inches of loss to the abdominal area after exposure to the extreme cold temperatures after each session. Needless to say, a very desirable result.

   The cost of a typical body contouring CroSkin session is about half the price of a session of  the competitor CoolSculpting®. Prices incrementally drop with our various treatment package options. Treatment sessions are spaced no less than two weeks apart, but can be performed any time after two weeks. This is ideal for those traveling that cannot be back after exactly two weeks. It does not affect results to wait longer to continue.

   Of the many services we offer, I love the satisfaction achieved by my clients with this effective, gentle process of obtaining beautiful results in a relatively short period of time.

   Schedule a free consultation here in Boca Raton to see if it is right for you.

Christina Davies


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